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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

*Please read carefully so you are fully aware, I would recommend to print this page to refer back to after your procedure*

Realistic Expectations

The purpose of the PMU procedure is to create the most natural and realistic effect on your eyebrows, making them appear fuller, youthful, to fill in gaps and correct an undesirable shape that results in excessive plucking. PMU is an enhancement to your natural brows that will give them the proper shape that you desire. As time goes by, powdering or penciling in the shape we created is definitely normal. Permanent Makeup is an art and it is not a “no maintenance” treatment, rather it is a “low maintenance”.

Healing takes about 6 weeks – the following are NORMAL:

✓ Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing process. The next day after the application and following 1 week, the pigment may appear very dark and sharp. Your eyebrows may look like they are “painted on.” Expect it to be 40% darker than original implanted pigment. This is because the pigment is still sitting on the top and has not yet settled into the skin completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually over the next 3 – 4 weeks, giving a much softer and lighter look on your brows. They will lighten by 20% – 40% as they are healing.

✓ Some swelling may occur if you have sensitive skin (especially oily skin type). This will subside.

✓ You may feel tightness around your eyebrow area for the first 1 week.

✓ Once the healing takes place, there will be dandruff flakes and dry skin. This is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows through regeneration.

✓ Itchiness is absolutely normal as the skin is regenerating itself and new skin is forming. DO NOT PICK! Picking can lift color and pigment from the treated area resulting in unevenness and blank spots. Please let the brows flake off naturally.

✓ During the healing process, skin may appear to peel or scab, color may look weak, pinkish or grey. This will not be your final result. It takes a full 5-6 weeks or more for your true color to resurface. Please be patient and wait until you are fully healed before you critique your eyebrows. Any refinements can be addressed at the follow up visit.

✓ The way you take care of your eyebrows during the healing process plays an important role in the way they look after. Improper aftercare may result eyebrows to be faded or patchy. Your technician will instruct the steps of the aftercare to you at the end of the procedure.

Keep in mind that because of the natural skin regeneration, after the recovery period brows might appear lighter than original, some original hair strokes may even fade. It is absolutely normal to have some areas fade more than others. Your skin regeneration is not a process that a technician can control as everyone’s physiology condition is different (i.e. depending on age, immune system, lifestyle, skin undertone, skin types, sebum oil production, hormones, etc.) Therefore annual or once every 2 years color boost/touch ups are recommended to maintain. Oily skin and red-head clients will lose/blur pigments faster than other skin types.

✓ PMU gives the most realistic and natural results based on the current shape of your natural eyebrows. Our eyebrows are not twins; they can only be sisters. Expecting 100% symmetry on your eyebrows is unrealistic. Every attempt will be made to make them as even as possible.

✓ We cannot recreate eyebrows that are completely out of your natural shape. (I.e. your brows are naturally straight, we cannot create a super high arch. We can only find the median.

✓ Nothing should be done before the 6th week, even if you believe that they are too dark or too light. Your skin needs to completely heal before the touch up.

✓ 2nd session of PMU must be done at 6-8weeks to complete the treatment

**not my work**

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